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The Health Benefits to Exercise Balls

It’s near impossible to walk into a gym or health club these days and not see some exercise balls being used. Even if you don’t belong to a gym, you’ve most likely seen these bright-colored balls on television or in your favorite magazine. Even if you have never used an exercise ball before, you have probably wondered what it would be like to use one or what it might feel like to stretch out backwards over one. Why is this exercise apparatus so popular and what are the health benefits to those who regularly use them as a part of their fitness routine?

Back and Spinal Health with Exercise Balls

How strong is your lower back? Many people have weak lower backs, thereby increasing the likelihood of injury. When utilizing an exercise ball as part of a fitness program, you will notice that it provides a great deal of support for your lower back as you are working out. An exercise ball can also support your lower back while you work on stretching exercises, allowing you to gain deeper and more beneficial stretches than stretching without one.

Building Core Stability with Exercise Balls

You have likely heard a lot of fitness experts talk about a body’s core, but you may not be familiar with what your core is or why it is important to strengthen it. Your core refers to the muscles that are in your abdomen and your back. These muscles work to support your entire body as it moves. Using an exercise ball works to strengthen these muscle groups, increasing your balance and overall stability. With so many various exercises to do on an exercise ball, anyone can build their core in order to reap all of the associated health benefits.

Improved Posture with Exercise Balls

Many people have poor posture and have heard the old suggestions of standing against a wall or balancing with books on your head while trying to walk across a room. These behaviors are supposed to help improve your posture. Exercise balls can also have a positive impact on your posture. Working out with a fitness ball can help to improve the strength and alignment of the natural curve in your spine. This, over time, improves your overall posture and helps to increase flexibility in your spine.

Improved Balance with Exercise Balls

Most of us begin to lose our balancing abilities as part of the natural aging process. Loss of balance is a primary reason that aging adults fracture bones in their body as the loss of balance leads to a higher risk of falls. One reason that people may experience poor balance is that their muscle strength may be imbalanced; people generally have stronger muscles in their front than in their back sections. If one muscle group is stronger than another, your balance could be off center. Working out with an exercise ball can enable muscle groups to form strength in a more even fashion, working to improve a person’s balance. This is one reason why exercise ball exercises are often recommended to older adults who are in need of improving their balance.

*Of course, you should always check
with your doctor first before begining
any exercise program.



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